Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming

In the late 1700s Thomas Malthus, a British scholar, predicted that population growth would eventually outstrip the agricultural production capability of the earth. More than 200 years later, human innovation has proven Malthus wrong as improved farming methods have allowed the Earth to support billions more than Malthus ever thought possible. The Earth’s human population continues to grow, however, and continued innovation will be necessary to ensure that sufficient agricultural resources are available to support more people. Vertical farming is an exciting concept that may help diffuse the population bomb, allowing comfortable accommodation of continued population growth. Greengro can help entrepreneurs and innovators interested in this concept with proven, data-driven vertical growing methods.

The concept of vertical farming has been around since the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon were constructed, but the idea has gained momentum in the past century as modern construction, electrical and agricultural techniques has made it more feasible. A vertical growing system is essentially the propagation of plants in a skyscraper greenhouse or similar indoor structure where crops may be grown on several levels. For home users, vertical grow rooms use indoor fluorescent lights and stacks of crops to grow plants. The stacks are slanted to give the crops better access to light. Because there are stacks of crops, owners of vertical grow systems get the maximum efficiency from their growing space.

Greengro is a leading provider of vertical farming designs and equipment. Greengro has vertical grow systems appropriate for both large commercial enterprises and home vertical growing enthusiasts. If you’re interested in starting a vertical growing facility, dealing with a company with the expertise and the right products is important to making your venture a success. Greengro’s wide range of vertical growing products, and the experience of its skilled staff will give you the gear and the support you need to start realizing the benefits of vertical growing.

When you begin using vertical farming techniques, you will realize a variety of important benefits. For starters, because your operation is indoors, you’ll be able to grow crops year-round. The controlled atmosphere of your vertical garden or farm will allow you to decrease your need for pesticides and fertilizers, giving you the opportunity to grow more natural crops. By engaging in vertical growing, you’ll also be contributing to creating more sustainable urban environments and reducing the need for energy-expending refrigeration and transportation. All of these benefits and more await entrepreneurs, innovators and home gardeners who take advantage of Greengro Technologies superior products and services to start a vertical growing facility. Shop all your vertical farming needs today at one of our distributors website.

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