GreenGro Technologies provides a suite of services to hemp and cannabis businesses aimed for high profitability. We want our clients to see us as a trusted partner in their growth and success as we provide the following services:

Licensor of Technology

We will be expanding our business model to include a licensing model that is expected to generate substantial, consistent and sustainable cash flows going forward. Our licensing strategy will primarily focus on the technologies and knowhow held by our flagship brand, 420 Rescue™, and implemented to hemp and cannabis farmers across the nation that are generating huge losses due to their lack of experience and knowhow of how to succeed in the emerging hemp market. Farmers can reclaim their farms and their hard work with pride, while GreenGro Technologies generates one-time revenues in the form of products and services and, more importantly, a sizable percentage of all future harvests, structured in the form of a licensing agreement.

Partnership Brokering

Connecting the brands that have done the hard work to create resonance and profitability with opportunities for distribution deals, acquisition or equity partnerships.

Hemp Consulting Services

Partnering with hemp farmers to maximize the output of hemp flower and biomass while equipping them with go-to-market strategies.

Operational Management Services

From developing standard operating procedures to building facilities and sourcing staff, we provide remote business management services to clients ranging from seed-to-sale.

Cannabis Consulting Services

Working with cannabis companies in preparing their facilities, operations, and go-to-market strategy for the potentially imminent federal legalization of cannabis.


Recognizing that quality plants start first with the genetics of the seed, genobreeding involves retrieving a “fingerprint” from cultivars for IP and predictive breeding.