Vertical HydroGarden, Inc. is the industry-leader in modular automated hydroponic grow- rooms, portable grow-containers, greenhouses, hydroponic and aquaponics supplies and cultivation consulting services. Since 2010, through our online and retail store locations, we have offered industry-leading solutions to clients ranging from large-scale commercial farming to community gardens, restaurants and hobbyists. Throughout North America, this spans several thousand grow lights of cultivation facility installation and operational experience. We eliminate the learning curve, so our customers can be instantly successful; with everything from initial system planning and design through operational support and training.

1.         Modular Solutions for Maximized Productivity:

When it comes to maximizing crop yields; our suite of modular hydroponic equipment solutions, nutrient supplies, training and operational planning services are collectively designed to assure the highest industry levels of productivity. This is measured in pounds of raw-plant- material (RPM) yielded per-light, equipment and supply costs per light and per-pound, harvest- cycles per year, improved cultivar operational efficiency, shortest installation-to-production time cycles, regularly-scheduled delivery of proper nutrients and supplies and decreased manpower requirements.

Our modular grow rooms, greenhouses and portable grow containers are self-contained, automated, and can be managed throughout the grow cycle with as little as 5 minutes per day of human involvement – without anyone entering the grow room. In a balanced hydroponic system, most-often the biggest variable that can lead to decreased production efficiency is created when humans enter the grow environment. Every time the door opens, the delicate balance of temperature, humidity, light and nutrients within the grow-facility can be disturbed. Also, contaminants, insects, seeds, molds and other potentially harmful variables can be introduced when people enter and exit the grow room. Inventory security can be compromised. Since so little human involvement is required, payroll overhead and “people traffic” can be kept to a minimum.

2.         Leasing & Finance Solutions for Maximized Budget

To lower your launch costs, stretch your budget and help you achieve operational profitability as rapidly as possible, we provide leasing services for the modular solutions required to get you into production. These lease plans can include the costs of shipping, installation, training support and up to six months of nutrients and supplies wrapped into the lease payments. Lease terms are up to five years, and upon the conclusion you can purchase the leased equipment for $1.00.

3.         Operational & Maintenance Consulting to Maximize Success

We’re not just here to sell you equipment. We’re here to help you grow. Knowing that as you do, you will use us for your ongoing supplies and equipment and refer us to others. Wherever your business needs support, or wherever you want to explore the benefits of our ongoing support, we welcome the opportunity to discuss our consulting and maintenance services.

4.         Growing your Business with Professional Planning Services

Are you contemplating a commercial-scale hydroponics or aquaponics farming operation? Can you benefit from the collaborative support of banks, investors, community officials, strategic partners or others? We can help.

To address capital audiences effectively; all businesses must have a clear, comprehensive, defensible financial model and business plan – but not all business plans and financial models are the same. Too often, companies with documents they call a “Business Plan” still fail to convey the message that attracts and secures partners.

When you grow, we grow. Since results are everything, we are pleased to offer the personalized services of a proven expert who has founded, financed, and run $100 million companies. His business plans have directly resulted in several hundred million dollars of investment, loan, and M&A transactions. He has authored industry business plans and financial models exceeding a thousand lights of indoor cultivation and hundreds of acres of outdoor cultivation, plant processing, nutraceutical, retail dispensary and multiple service sectors and business models surrounding the industry.

For all these sectors comprising the legal cannabis industry in North America, we’ve also successfully navigated the dozens of different regulatory environments from one state to the next. Many with varying county and municipal regulations. We’ve built close relationships with industry-experienced legal counsel and tax experts that are always close by. From these experiences and relationships, we have developed proven, protective, fully transparent practices and strategies to incorporate into your business plan and help guide you towards the long-term success you deserve.

Fully customized business plans, pro-forma financial models and corporate strategies featuring Vertical HydroGarden’s modular grow rooms, greenhouses, portable grow containers; nutrients and cultivation expertise to put you in control of your commercial launch and expansion objectives. We welcome the opportunity to show you how.

There’s no better business plan and financial model on the market; and nobody more experienced to author it with you. Why risk your business with something less? Please ask about our services today.