ANAHEIM, Calif.Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (OTC: GRNH), an established provider of eco-friendly green technologies for the Industrial Hemp Industry, announced today it has begun work on a large scale Industrial Hemp Project in Hemet, California. The effort comes on the heels of the Company’s recently announced alliance with organic certification experts Organna LLC. GreenGro’s subdivision CBD Ventures made its first on-site planning visit on Monday and Organna will follow next week with its own initial analysis of the property. Thus setting the stage for development of the entire 50 acre farm in Hemet.

Since his appointment to the Company was announced last November, CBD Ventures’ CEO Tom Schaefer has been diligently working to relocate the Company’s industrial hemp registrations to a larger property. Mr. Schaefer considered expansion to be of paramount importance to the Company’s long term success goals. The 50 acre property located in Hemet is controlled by Elixir Botanicals LLC and there is an opportunity for the venture to expand by another 60 acres.

The Project will focus on developing and cultivating proprietary strains of Industrial Hemp with dominant concentrations of the cannabinoid CBG. GreenGro’s COO Mr. James Haas understands that it is imperative for the Company to operate at the cutting edge of the industry. And CBG is that cutting edge. This is why Mr. Haas has begun negotiations to bring a 10,000 pound per day Chieftain Hemp Extraction System to the property. “This distillate machine can process up to 100 liters per 10 hour shift. Imagine the market potential of a 50 Acre Certified Organic Industrial Hemp Farm that has the offload potential of such a robust Hemp Extraction System. This is the direction we want our Industrial Hemp operations to be aimed toward and the opportunity to get there is now” proclaimed Mr. Haas.

GreenGro’s new arrangement with Elixir Botanicals is the culmination of a year’s long diligence period between the two companies. Elixir’s Manager Mr. Andres Martinez and his partner Mr. Luis Calderon have been working tirelessly over that time with GreenGro COO Mr. James Haas trying to orchestrate the perfect mutually beneficial arrangement for the two companies. The 50 acre property has been the site of a previously successful industrial hemp harvest managed by Mr. Calderon. But both companies saw the opportunity to improve upon their respective past successes with a joint operation. GreenGro will share harvest revenues with Elixir while maintaining project management control over the property with an eye toward a future leap into Industrial Hemp Organic Certification. Organna’s initial analysis of the property next week will help determine a course for pivoting the property to Organic Certification. At that point, Certification Compliance partner Southern Grown may be introduced to the project’s scope. GreenGro’s subdivision CBD Ventures has already initiated transfer of the company’s Industrial Hemp Registrations to the new property. The Riverside County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office and the California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) will give final approval.

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