“World Class provider in Agricultural Science Systems ”
“Efficiency through Technology”

Ticker: GRNH

Incorporation: Nevada
Headquarters: Anaheim, CA

1676 W Lincoln Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92801

(714) 367-6538


  • GreenGro provides customers with a simple, reliable and easy to use product and service at an attractive price point.
  • GRNH aggressive positioned to capture legalize Cannabis growth industry.
  • Greengro Technologies provides design, construction and maintenance services to large grow and cultivation operations and collectives in the medical and recreational Cannabis.
  • GRNH modular Grow Rooms provides mobile clean room.


  • ArcView Market Research new report predicts that 18 U.S. states will have legalized recreational marijuana in the next five years.
  • 2018 predicts $10.2 Billion Market
  • In 2012, 49.0 million Americans lived in food insecure households, 33.1 million adults and 15.9 million children
  • United Nations states “profound changes in the global food and agricultural systems to nourish today 925 million hungry and the additional 2 billion people expected by 2050”
  • Agriculture is the single largest employer in the world, providing livelihoods for 40 percent of today’s global population. It is the largest source of income and jobs.


GreenGro Technologies, Inc. is a publicly
traded pink sheet corporation that provides
manufacturing and sales of green, eco friendly,
sustainable vertical cultivation systems, and
facilities design. GreenGro’s products and
services are targeted at consumers, industrial
farming operations. GreenGro’s products and
services are designed to provide all of these
customers solutions to achieve maximum
efficiency, whether that be a balcony garden
or industrial cultivator.

GreenGro’s Vertical Cultivation and Gardening
Systems are based upon patent pending
designs and manufacturing facilities recently
acquired by purchasing the company Vertical
Hydrogarden. This system is a revolutionary
technology system that reduces the physical
footprint of cultivating, while reducing energy
costs and improving crop yields.

Operating Divsions:
GRNH provides design and consulting services
to all agricultural divisions including legalized
Cannabis operations. It provides the expert
knowledge in advanced designs and systems to
maximize production for every crop cycle.

Vertical Hydrogarden, Inc. (VHI) a leading
supplier of green agriculture products
including hydroponics, advanced nutrients,
and vertical cultivation technology systems
design and sales. The new retail Hydroponics
Superstore operations features new
technology application for greenhouse

BP Gardens specializes in the use of leadingedge
technologies and state-of-the-art
production methods. BP Gardens uses
methods to protects crops from detrimental
environmental elements while generating
superior, high-quality, locally grown, marketready
leafy green produce year-round in any


GRHN’s leadership includes personnel with Agriculture and Cannabis expertise and leadership.
James Haas, Jr., CEO
Timothy Madden, COO
Owen Naccarato, Director

BP Gardens
Nancy Caruso Marine Biologist GRNH’s team has a track record of building, structuring and operating successful companies. The team is also highly experienced with extensive on-ground experience and results.


GRNH is deploying a three-part strategy to deliver top-line revenue and better than average sector profits afforded by its technology and approach.

Current Operations: VHI Hydroponics Superstore expands sales operation and is creating an additional revenue venue with educational classes. VHI currently distributes portable aquaponic platforms and its new patent pending Vertical System. GRNH continues to introduce several products for the Medical Marijuana industry. Greengro unveiled its all new light deprivation greenhouse systems that offer energy efficient designs providing higher yields for cultivators.

Expanded Operations: GreenGro started management and consulting in AZ licensed Cannabis operations. Equipment sales and building service started 3rd quarter 2015.

Future Operations: This phase will see the company execute long-term vision and duplication on the business model into different regions and national rollout to enable and expand production and become fully self sustaining on a cash-flow basis.

EXIT: The exit strategy is listing of its operating companies on the National market exchange. GRNH believes its operating entities can trade in public multiples on production which somewhat exceed those of typical high-growth natural resources companies due to the use of technology and new science.

Board Members

  • CEO: James M. Haas
  • Director: Owen Naccarato (Legal Counsel)

Advisory Team

  • Nancy L Caruso (Marine Biologist/Aquaculturist)
  • Christopher Glew (Marijuana Attorney)
  • Ned Madden (Publicist)
  • Stephanie Rudat (Social Media Strategist)
  • Marisela Nuño
    Marisela started in 2014 helping us with our Bpgarden projects. Then in 2015, 16 ,17 helped us with engineered drawings and buildouts for our MM projects thru the years with her IDEG Construction. Were very happy with her help on a few projects thru the years.


  • Common Stock
    • Period end date: March 31, 2018
    • 2,000,000,000,000 authorized
    • 463,970,980 issued and outstanding
    • approximately 379,868,626 freely tradable shares
    • 1 beneficial shareholder
    • 573 shareholders of record
  • Preferred Stock
    • As of March 31, 2018
    • 10,000,000 authorized
    • 10,000,000 issued and outstanding

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For more info about GreenGro Technologies call investors relations at:

IR Partners Inc
Bill Miller Senior Vice President

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