GreenGro Technologies is dedicated to curating business relationships that increase the efficiency and profitability of our already powerful business model. We are committed to steward investors’ funds to help farmers capitalize on the growing hemp and CBD industries, invest in and deploy innovative eco-friendly technological solutions into the developing national cannabis industry, and preserve the integrity of plant genetics and the work of geneticists by applying our proprietary Genobreeding capabilities.

Among our intellectual property holdings includes the 420 Rescue™ brand, which will work with struggling hemp and cannabis farmers to address critical concerns that prevent profitability; Reefer Throwdown™, a producer of live events, focused on cannabis culture; and Igot420™, a series of cannabis dispensaries.

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Mr. Darrel Courtney Director, CEO
Mr. James M. Haas Jr. Director, COO
Marisela Nuno Director
Dr. Mark Wagner Director
Chris Glew Cannabis Legal Advisor
Tom Schaefer CEO, CBD Ventures

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