GreenGro Technologies, Inc. provides manufacturing and sales of green, eco-friendly, sustainable vertical cultivation systems, and facilities design.

GreenGro’s products and services are targeted at consumers and industrial farming operations. GreenGro’s products and services are designed to provide all of these customers’ solutions to achieve maximum efficiency, whether that be a balcony garden or industrial cultivator.

GreenGro’s Vertical Cultivation and Gardening Systems are based upon patent-pending designs and manufacturing facilities. This system is a revolutionary technology system that reduces the physical footprint of cultivating while reducing energy costs and improving crop yields.

Meet the Team.

Darrel Courtney


Corporate & Govt. Agency

Consultant/ Liaison.

Vast experience in implementing adherence to procedural standards established by regulators.

James Haas


Chairman & COO Founder of GreenGro

Industry Leader for 25+ years in the cannabis space

Successful Entrepreneur

Tom Schaefer

CEO, CBD Ventures

Industrial Hemp Real Estate Acquisition & Licensing Expert

Extensive Network of Hemp Related Business Professionals

Charles Garavitt

CEO of Global Operations, Greengro International, SA

Proposal: 1 Acre Fully Automated Hydroponic Facility