Colorado Marijuana Legalization

On the first of the year the Colorado Marijuana Legalization came into effect and the very first recreational marijuana shops opened their doors to the public. January 1st was quite a party with activists and politicians all lobbying to get attention on the day that first legal pot shops opened their doors. It didn’t take long before hoards of people were wrapped around the block waiting to get into the doors. People from all over the globe and states were there to purchase legal marijuana from a shop. There was a high price to be a part of drug legislation history however, because legal marijuana is not cheap.

According to the terms of the Colorado Marijuana Legalization, there are certain taxes that to be figured into the price of marijuana sales just like there are high taxes placed on both alcohol and tobacco. State and local taxes in the Denver area add up to about 29% on all pot sale and that means that one eight of marijuana at most shops is going to cost anywhere from $50 to $60 which in an ironic twist is almost double what someone would pay if they had a medical prescription. It ironically is also much more than what pot goes for on the street on average.

Still, it would appear that business is great for the marijuana shops as they are estimated to have made about one million on their first day. The figure sounds great, but a closer look into the costs of running a marijuana dispensary make the million sound like chump change in the long run. This is because for as much as the dispensary is making, it is also losing. The terms of the Colorado Marijuana Legalization only allow dispensaries that have already been licensed to sell medical marijuana to sell on the recreational market for the initial nine months that the market is open.

A close look at one of these shops reveals that there are a lot of second-hand damages being forced on sellers even though Colorado Marijuana Legalization has been passed. First off, it’s hard to keep managers and crops growing, because marijuana is not an art that most people are skilled at, or at least willing to admit they are skilled at. Second, the steps they have to take to be in compliance with state law are very costly. Third, he is facing an IRS audit and expects to be audited every year costing high legal fees. Finally, the IRS does not allow any business that deals with controlled substances to deduct any business expenses, so they are faced to put profits back into the business or lose a high percentage during tax season..

Aquaponics: How Does it Work?

Aquaponics is the combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics. Hydroponics requires expensive nutrients to feed the plants as well as periodic flushing of the systems which can lead to waste disposal issues. Re-circulating aquaculture needs to have excess nutrients removed from the system which can ordinarily means that a percentage of the water is removed on a daily basis. That nutrient rich water then needs to be disposed of and replaced with clean fresh water. Aquaponics allows you to produce fish and plants in the one system with a large reduction in water use.


Aquaculture and hydroponics are both very efficient methods of producing fish and vegetables that have individual downsides. But, when combining the two, those negative aspects are turned into positives. Greengro Technologies’ aquaponic systems can be designed to require no bending, no weeding, no fertilizers, and only uses about the same power it takes to run a couple of light globes.

Aquaponics offers improvements over traditional soil based farming which often requires extensive water, pesticides, fertilizer, tilling, weeding and eventually results in fallow soils and creates harmful byproducts from chemicals and wastewater. It overcomes the issues of hard clay, sand or contaminated soils as well. Additionally, vegetables, herbs and fruits that are mass-produced in this way come from seeds and plants engineered for rough handling, disease resistance and long shelf life.

Aquaponic systems can be built both inside and outside depending on climate conditions. Indoor systems are typically built inside of a greenhouse, hoop house, or other controlled environment structures. This allows control over various pests, intensive or destructive weather conditions and permits food to be grown year round in areas which otherwise might not be able to produce any food crops. Smaller systems can also easily be built and operated in people’s homes, providing a convenient food source for your loved ones.

Locally produced food means significantly less energy used when compared to the processes of using heavy farm equipment dependent upon oil and gas as well as the physical labor necessary to till, plant, weed, harvest, process, package, transport, and store food. Research shows that the average meal travels over 1,500 miles to reach your plate. Why are we importing fish from the other side of the planet when we can raise them right here in our own backyard, providing food and jobs for the community? Further, this allows control over various pests, intensive or destructive weather conditions and permits food to be grown year round in areas which otherwise might not be able to produce any food crops.

How does it work?

Aquaponics recirculates water from a fish tank through a vegetable grow bed. Nutrients from the fish waste feed the plants, and the plants filter the water to keep the fish healthy. The two main components of the system are the fish tank and the grow beds with a small pump moving water between the two. The water passes through the roots of the plants before draining back into the fish tank. The plants extract the water and nutrients (fish waste) they need to grow, cleaning the water for the fish. There are a number of different styles of grow bed designs, the two most common being flood and drain and floating raft style.


  • The main benefit from a system like this is the ability  to grow fish and plants for consumption in the one system.
  • Aquaponic systems use about 1/10th of the water used to grow plants in the ground.
  • Relatively low energy consumption
  • Faster growth rates and yields
  • Eliminates the need for weeding and tilling of soil
  • No soil borne diseases
  • Plants are naturally fertilized
  • No pesticides or chemicals
  • The fish are a healthy source of protein
  • No waste water run off in – systems
  • Systems can be established locally minimizing “food miles”

What types of plants can be grown in aquaponics?

Below is a list of some common varieties of plants:

  • Most varieties of lettuce
  • Most varieties of herbs
  • Watercress
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Melons
  • Strawberries

What fish can be grown in aquaponics?

Aquaponics systems, depending upon size, can raise and harvest anywhere from one to potentially tens of thousands of pounds annually. Common fish species that can be grown include but are not limited to:

  • Perch
  • Tilapia
  • Catfish
  • Peruvian Paco
  • Oscars
  • Koi
  • Goldfish and some varieties of aquarium fish
  • Freshwater prawns
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Los Angeles Controlled Environment Agriculture

controlled environment agriculture Southern California will soon be the home to state of the art Los Angeles Controlled Environment Agriculture. Greengro is implementing a high-tech greenhouse growing and distributing system in Buena Park, California. The program will grow organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which will then be sold in local markets. The greenhouses will be the most efficient and energy-saving of their kind. Each greenhouse will feature advanced hydro culture for high quality yield without soil. Many of the greenhouses that will be used are older models that will be refurbished by the clean energy engineering company, ACS Construction LP.controlled environment agriculture

Los Angeles Controlled Environment Agriculture

This Los Angeles Controlled Environment Agriculture project will use the best human and technological resources available. BP Gardens LLC is overseeing the project. The entire endeavor will be lead by Dien McCall. Dien McCall is an engineer with impeccable credentials. He has thirty years of engineering experience, eighteen of which he has focused on green and renewable engineering. Dien McCall has working relationships with many large-scale green energy organizations. Dien McCall has five classes of contractor licenses, A, B, C, C-10 and C-36, which he has used to complete contracting work both ordinary and green or energy-saving.

BP Gardens is already planning business strategies to make the Los Angeles Controlled Environment Agriculture greenhouse project a success. They are putting in place the necessary groundwork for Greengro to make deals so local markets and businesses can reserve purchases ahead of production. BP Gardens plans to use this greenhouse project as a testing ground and prototype for other similar eco-friendly endeavors. BP Gardens, after researching the profitability and sustainability of the project, is confident that they can use the same system to create other low-carbon, low-energy, high-output greenhouses. BP Gardens plans on building or refurbishing same-style greenhouses across the country.

The environment will not be the only thing to benefit from BP Gardens and Greengro’s Los Angeles Controlled Environment Agriculture project. Through BP Gardens and the local community, Greengro will be able to institute learning centers or other educational systems to teach the high-tech agriculture systems to community members, allowing green agriculture practices to grow and evolve naturally. Going further to enable the local community, BP Gardens looks to Courage-US. Courage-US is a group that helps veterans and disabled veterans find jobs. With BP Gardens, Courage-US will have the opportunity to place some of their veterans and disabled veterans with Greengro.

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Orange County Controlled Environment Agriculture

controlled environment agriculture Kick starting its new project in Orange County controlled environment agriculture; Greengro launched an ambitious marketing plan to coincide with the start of the pilot program by releasing the announcement in Anaheim California. In collaboration with BP Gardens, LLC, Greengro’s proposal is to grow and distribute chemical and pesticide free produce and herbs to community grocers and restaurants across the Southern California region. This project will use and develop the most advanced, cost effective and energy efficient hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic systems to produce high quality produce in an urban environment while employing unique, green renewable energy solutions.controlled environment agriculture

Orange County Controlled Environment Agriculture

ACS Construction LP, a southern California renewable energy engineering and commercial building contractor will refurbish thirty thousand square feet of green houses that occupy a four and a half-acre site in Buena Park, adapting the structures according to the most advanced and cost-effective models currently available. Dien McCall, an engineering contactor with decades of experience will lead the project. The Orange County controlled environment agriculture site has room for a future expansion of these facilities by eighteen thousand square feet and has land reserved for research and development activities as well as a future center for community activities.

The project titled BP Gardens will become a model for the feasibility of Orange County controlled environment agriculture. Greengro has studied the local demand for locally grown organic produce and expects to have more than enough pre-purchase agreements with local restaurants and grocers to exceed the entire yearly crop yield. This level of demand not only proves the viability of this agricultural model, but will also provide Greengro with a profitable and sustainable revenue stream. The project’s potential to supply local demand in many regions proves that the urban hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic models are scalable, reproducible, and profitable.

BP Gardens will push Greengro to the forefront of the Hydroponics Farming Industry. The profit potential of this pilot project is demonstrable and open for investment. The project ‘s widespread use of social media to allow for real-time updates on the Orange County controlled environment agriculture project and the current state of the crops. This kind of exposure will help Greengro to attract governmental interest from all across the nation and the world that can lead to the creation of facilities around the world. Local communities will benefit from educational initiatives, agricultural research and local job creation.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture Controlled Environment AgricultureGreengro is a pioneer in outdoor aquaponic and hydroponic systems. We are also the national leader in building high quality and high yield indoor grow rooms. Greengro builds controlled environment agriculture solutions for restaurants, community gardens, and small and large farms. Greengro is able to serve both the commercial and the consumer farming markets through eco-friendly green technologies.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Greengro has added three new staff members in order to become the best provider of controlled environment agriculture services and technology. The new team members are charged with serving on the Greengro corporate advisory board. The new members include an aquaponics manager, Rafael O. Quezada; a publicist and marketing director, Ned Madden; and Stephanie Rudat, social media director. These new additions are well poised to add value to the organization and to support Greengro with their rapid growth. According to James Haas, CEO of GreenGro, “They fit in well with the company’s philosophy of ‘Three Pillars to Success’ on which we base our performance – Social Media and Online Activities, Sales Channel Development and Mergers and Acquisitions.” As the premier provider of controlled environment agriculture in Anaheim, CA, Greengro’s new additions have the opportunity to exploit several new business models for this forward thinking organization.

As a progressive business, it was important to Greengro to hire impressive employees with diverse backgrounds. Quezada, who will provide superior engineering for aeroponic and aquaponic systems, is also a well renowned artist and builder. Rudat, who will oversee all corporate digital marketing and social media efforts, is also a creative Internet blogger and activist. Madden, a senior leader charged with media relations and new business development, is also a one-stop shop for all of Greengro’s writing and communication efforts. In all, this team is ready to transform the world of controlled environment agriculture and even break into the international national scene.

Greengro is the best choice for building both indoor and outdoor hydroponics systems. The organization has countless satisfied customers and both consumer and commercial farming markets comprise the bulk of their focus. Greengro’s world-class designers are consummate experts in their fields, using only top systems and materials to provide clients with the perfect grow room. From high quality lighting systems to elegant vertical grow systems, Greengro represents the next generation of agricultural production. It will be very interesting to see where the new team takes the organization.

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Hydroponics Supplies

hydroponics supplies

Hydroponics Supplies

For people who love plants, there is nothing quite as important as having the supplies they need to nurture and love their plants to produce high quality flowers or produce. That is why the use of Hydroponics Gardening Supplies has been on the rise for plant lovers and gardeners. Certainly, most people know that all plants thrive in the right conditions, but grasping what makes the right conditions does vary depending on several important factors including nutrients, lighting, water and nurturing a proper root system. Today’s high tech gardening has changed the way people get the most from their plants and create optimum gardening conditions. At Greengro Technologies our expertise and top notch Hydroponics Supplies can help even those who don’t even have the slightest green thumb to become superb growers of produce, flowers and plants.

With our expert advice of gardening, and the use of Greengro Hydroponics Supplies, we can help the indoor or outdoor gardener and farmer make the most out of their plantings. Our experts have a better scientific understanding about what makes gardens and plants grow to their fullest potential than the average garden shop. In some garden centers that gardeners and plant lovers go to get supplies, they get a host of advice that simply follow the old-fashioned rules of gardening. This includes proper space for roots, the right amount of water, sunshine and nutrients. However, at Greengro, our expertise has expanded gardening techniques and successes for hundreds of customers. We offer our customers precise information and hydroponic gardening design tips to naturally enhance their gardening outcome. Our advice includes improved water and misting capability, proper lighting, smaller potting soil containers for plants and seedlings to protect their tender root systems, air pumps for added oxygen for planting systems, as well as water filtration and pumping systems to provide optimum balanced moisture.

With the help and advice of Greengro, both farmers and gardeners can get all the expert advice for using and creating Hydroponics Supplies for the best produce and flower gardens imaginable. Our Hydroponics designs are custom designed based on demand of space, desired effect and productivity. At Greengro our designs include both vertical designs as well as more traditional hydroponic designs to match the desires and needs of our clients greenhouse plans. With quality hydroponic supplies from Greengro, garden loving people can create much more productive gardening for both flowers and produce.

To learn more about how Hydroponics Supplies from Greengro can improve your garden and greenhouse, check out our website at: or contact our experts designing staff via Greengro, 1100 Orangefair Lane Unit I, Anaheim, CA 92801. Our phone contact phone #is (714) 441-1408 and our fax# is (714) 441-1409. You can shop directly at one of our distributors.

Hydroponics Equipment

Hydroponics Equipment

Hydroponics Equipment

• Greengro Offers Hydroponics Equipment

These days it’s not uncommon for businesses or companies to pitch a sales speech about how you should buy some product they actually know nothing about; however, the one thing that is always evident is their low level of professionalism. At Greengro Technologies, we are dedicated to providing our clients with quality products – in our area of expertise only. Specializing in hydroponics equipment, you can trust that our professionals offer the best, state of the art products at an affordable price. Avoid the stress and hassle of having to search for a provider who knows their stuff; make your next purchase with Greengro Technologies today!

• Why buy from Greengro Technologies?

Our experts are the best at what they do. As authority figures in our field, we take great pride in selling only up to date, quality, long lasting hydroponics equipment that is going to go above and beyond your expectations. With hundreds of products in our store, there is something for all of your needs. Most importantly, though, our products aren’t overly expensive like other companies; rather than trying to get rich, we strive to be a loyal, trustworthy provider for our customers. With that being said, you come before all else. Our products above average and are significantly affordable at the same time.

• What kinds of products does Greengro provide?

We provide most hydroponics equipment. For instance our online inventory is equipped with varying sizes of flexible air stone, round air stone, TDS-3 Handheld TDS Meters, ActiveAqua Chiller refrigeration units, varying sizes of straight connectors, chiller fitting kits, commercial air pumps, filters and prefilters, and so much more. We have something for all of your needs. Stop wasting your time with other providers who inevitably can’t help you. Call Greengro today and let’s see how we can be of assistance!

• About Greengro and How to Contact Us

We are a world-class provider of eco-friendly hydroponics equipment. We have years of experience under our belts serving both indoor and outdoor agricultural systems and markets. Greengro is located in Anaheim, Ca. but you can visit our online store at For a consultation, call us at (714) 441-1408 or fax us at (714) 441-1409. For anything else, email us at and we will send a reply back as soon as possible. Purchase your next hydroponics products with Greengro today at one of our distributors!

Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming

In the late 1700s Thomas Malthus, a British scholar, predicted that population growth would eventually outstrip the agricultural production capability of the earth. More than 200 years later, human innovation has proven Malthus wrong as improved farming methods have allowed the Earth to support billions more than Malthus ever thought possible. The Earth’s human population continues to grow, however, and continued innovation will be necessary to ensure that sufficient agricultural resources are available to support more people. Vertical farming is an exciting concept that may help diffuse the population bomb, allowing comfortable accommodation of continued population growth. Greengro can help entrepreneurs and innovators interested in this concept with proven, data-driven vertical growing methods.

The concept of vertical farming has been around since the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon were constructed, but the idea has gained momentum in the past century as modern construction, electrical and agricultural techniques has made it more feasible. A vertical growing system is essentially the propagation of plants in a skyscraper greenhouse or similar indoor structure where crops may be grown on several levels. For home users, vertical grow rooms use indoor fluorescent lights and stacks of crops to grow plants. The stacks are slanted to give the crops better access to light. Because there are stacks of crops, owners of vertical grow systems get the maximum efficiency from their growing space.

Greengro is a leading provider of vertical farming designs and equipment. Greengro has vertical grow systems appropriate for both large commercial enterprises and home vertical growing enthusiasts. If you’re interested in starting a vertical growing facility, dealing with a company with the expertise and the right products is important to making your venture a success. Greengro’s wide range of vertical growing products, and the experience of its skilled staff will give you the gear and the support you need to start realizing the benefits of vertical growing.

When you begin using vertical farming techniques, you will realize a variety of important benefits. For starters, because your operation is indoors, you’ll be able to grow crops year-round. The controlled atmosphere of your vertical garden or farm will allow you to decrease your need for pesticides and fertilizers, giving you the opportunity to grow more natural crops. By engaging in vertical growing, you’ll also be contributing to creating more sustainable urban environments and reducing the need for energy-expending refrigeration and transportation. All of these benefits and more await entrepreneurs, innovators and home gardeners who take advantage of Greengro Technologies superior products and services to start a vertical growing facility. Shop all your vertical farming needs today at one of our distributors website.

Greenhouse Equipment

Greenhouse Equipment

One of the major concerns facing people in the 21st century is how to make sure fruits and vegetables are fresh, clean and chemical free; with Greengro wide range of greenhouse equipment the problem of finding out where fresh fruit and vegetables were grown and under what conditions can be a thing of the past. Greengro products can ensure success in growing fruits, vegetables and plants in a covered environment that can be managed through the company’s automatic maintenance equipment; this technology removes the problems of ensuring the climate remains perfect for all plants within a Greengro greenhouse.

Greenhouse equipment can be designed and manufactured to meet the needs of those with a small or large space to grow their own plants with different products available to ensure success. For those looking to increase the amount of light entering their greenhouse Greengro offers a wide range of lighting to replicate natural light and increase growing times. In areas where light is at a premium, either because of the position of the garden the greenhouse is situated in or through low light levels in winter months reflectors can be installed to increase the light entering the greenhouse.

Alongside supplying basic greenhouse equipment Greengro can work with a customer to meet all their needs concerning operating a successful greenhouse growing system. Shelving and storage products can be found that house everything a gardener needs to be a success in growing the best plants they can; the design of a greenhouse can include irrigation systems that reduce the risks of plants not growing quickly because of a lack of water. Ensuring the all around health of plants within the warm environment of a greenhouse is important in becoming a successful gardener and growing the best plants possible can be made easier with Greengro products including rain collectors.

As a one stop shop for everything a greenhouse owner needs to set up and maintain a positive growing environment the best quality equipment can be found from Greengro. Successful gardeners ensure that their plants are well fed, a problem that can be solved with the inclusion of Greengro compost that can convert household and garden waste into a natural plant feed to help plants grow. When looking for greenhouse equipment every need can be met through an approved Greengro retailer, online or call a sales representative to discuss which products will meet your needs.

OC Investments

OC Investments

The whole world is going green. As more people become aware of the precarious state of the planet investing in green technologies has become a no-brainer. Not only are these green technologies imperative for the long-term health of the planet, they also make good economic sense. Many governments worldwide have also joined the green revolution and are putting their immense financial resources into companies that are developing the green technologies that will help to sustain the planet. For private individuals investing in the green economy not only make sense, it can make lots of dollars as well.

OC Investments in California is an investment firm which has long identified the economic and social benefits of putting their money behind the forward thinking companies that are creating products and services that are good for the environment and makes economic sense. One of the companies they invest in is Greengro Technologies, Inc. Greengro Technologies, Inc. is a company which designs, manufactures and sells sustainable vertical cultivation systems and facilities that are eco-friendly. The people at OC Investments have backed this publicly traded pink sheet corporation because they understand that sustainable sources of food will be a necessity for many years to come.

The products and services offered by Greengro are designed with both large industrial farms and individual consumers in mind. The influx of capital from OC Investments has helped Greengro to create a wide range of products to improve the efficiency and productivity of people with large industrial farming operations and those with backyard and balcony gardens. These products have been warmly received by farmers large and small and has Greengro poised to become a major player in eco-friendly, sustainable gardening far into the future.

Greengro is a solutions based company. They design, produce and market simple, easy to use, reliable products and services which help farmers to overcome barriers to maximum efficiency. Their vertical cultivation technology allows farmers to improve productivity, quality and the bottom line. As more markets open up internationally for their products and services savvy individuals and organizations like OC Investments will see the size of their dividends skyrocket while helping to provide affordable food for billions of people around the world. Due to increasing demand Greengro recently increased their manufacturing capability by acquiring Vertical Hydrogarden Inc., the company which invented the vertical cultivation system that increases crop yields while lowering energy costs.